The Insecticides Act, 1968










Insecticides Rules 1971

Insecticide Order 1986






1. Short title, extent and commencement
2. Application of other laws not barred
3. Definitions
4. The Central Insecticides Board
5. Registration Committee
6. Other Committees
7. Procedure for Board
8. Secretary and other officers
9. Registration of insecticides
10. AppeaJ against non-registration or cancellation
11. Power of revision of Central Government
12. Licensing officers
13. Grant of licence for sale of insecticides
14. Revocation, suspension and amendment of licences
15. Appeal against the decision of a licensing officer
16. Central Insecticides Laboratory
17. Prohibition of import and manufacture of certain insecticides
18. Prohibition of sale etc., of certain insecticides
19. Insecticide Analysts
20. Insecticide Inspectors
21. Powers of Insecticide Inspectors
22. Procedure to be followed by Insecticide Inspectors
23. Persons bound to disclose place where insecticides are manufactured or kept
24. Report of Insecticide Analyst
25. Confiscation
26. Notification of poisoning
27. Prohibition of sale, etc. of insecticides for reasons of public safety
28. Notification of cancellation of registration, etc
29. Offences and punishment
30. Defences which mayor may not be allowed in prosecutions under this Act
31. Cognizance and trial of offences
32. Oftences by companies
33. Power of Central Governmentto give directions
34. Protection of action taken in good faith 
35. Power of Central Government to make rules
36. Power of State Government to make rules 
37. Exemption
The Schedule



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