The Seed Act, 1966










Seeds Rules 1968

Seeds Order 1983






1. Short title, extent and commencement
2. Definitions
3. Central Seed Committee
4. Central Seed Laboratory and State Seed Laboratory
5. Power to notify kinds or varieties of seeds
6. Power to specify minimum limits of germination and purity, etc.
7. Regulation of sale of seeds of notified kinds or varieties
8. Certification agency
    8A. Central Seed Certification Board
    8B. Other Committee
    8C. Proceedings of Board or Committee   
    8D. Procedure for Board
    8E. Secretarial and other officers
9. Grant of certificate by certification agency
10. Revocation of certificate
11 Appeal
12. Seed Analysts
13. Seed Inspectors
14. Powers of Seed Inspector
15. Procedure to be followed by Seed Inspectors

16. Report of Seed Analyst.
17. Restriction on export and import of seeds of notified kinds or varieties
18. Recognition of seed certification agencies of foreign countries
19. Penalty
20. Forfeiture of property
21. Offences by companies
22. Protection of action taken in good faith
23. Power to give directions
24. Exemption
25. Power to make rules



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