Seeds (Control) Order, 1983










Seeds Act 1966

Seeds Rules 1968






1. Short title and extent
2. Definitions
3. Dealer to obtain licence
4. Application for licence
5. Grant and refusal of licence
6. Period of validity of licence
7. Renewal of licence
8. Dealers to display stock and price list
9. Dealers to give memorandum to purchaser
10. Power to distribute seeds
11. Appointment of licensing authority
12. Appointment of Inspectors
13. Inspection and punishment
14. Time limit for analysis
15. Suspension/Cancellation of licence
16. Appeal
17. Amendment of licence
18. Maintenance of records and submission of returns etc
Form A - Form of Application to obtain Dealer's Licence
Form B - Licence to carry on the business of a dealer in seeds
Form C - Application for renewal of license to carry on the business of a dealer in seeds
Form D - Format of submitting Monthly Return relating to the seed business by seed dealer
Schedule I




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