Inputs : Seed Licensing - New Seed License
Application in Duplicate - Form A Details
List of Seed to be Produced and Marketed -Proforma -I Details
Notarized copy of name of responsible persons- Proforma- II Details
Quality Assurance undertaking for seeds to be sold- Proforma- III Details
Storage and sale point Inspection report - Proforma- IV Details
Seed License obtained from various authorities- Proforma -VI Details
Annual Marketing Plan- Proforma -VII Details
Details of Research & laboratory Staff -Proforma -VIII Details
Seed Production program. -Annexure- A Details
Abstract of seed produced and certified -Proforma -IX Details
Source of Breeder or Foundation or Certified seed - Proforma -X Details
Breeder certificate for Research variety- Proforma - XI Details
Proposal for scrutiny of research variety - Proforma - XII Details
Details of seed availability - Proforma - XIII Details
Other document Details
List of Dealers in the state Maharashtra- Proforma -V Details
Agreement for Co-Marketing Seed produced- Proforma- XIV Details
Documents to be submitted with Form A Details
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